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New SPAW Workplan for 2015-2016

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The actions developed for the SPAW protocol are implemented within the framework of biannual programmes of work, prepared in liaison with the signatory countries, reviewed by SPAW’s scientific and technical committee, and formally voted during SPAW Party conferences that take place every two years. These programmes of work aim to define step-by-step priority actions on which SPAW Parties wish to focus, within each country as well as in regional cooperation and coordination, in order to progressively reach the Protocol’s sought-after objectives and to ensure the proper application of its measures.

The new workplan for 2015-2016 has been adopted during the 8thSPAW Conference of the Parties which was held in December 2014 in Cartagena, Colombia.
You can download the SPAW workplan for 2015-2016, and all the documents reviewed by the SPAW Parties during this 8th meeting.

Like the previous workplans, aside from the programme’s general coordination and promotion, it is made up of four major themes:

  • creating and reinforcing protected areas,

  • setting up guidelines for the management of protected species and areas,

  • preserving threatened and endangered species,

  • preserving and using coastal and marine ecosystems sustainably.